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No controls, no controls, you just need your eyes.

360º configurator

No Controls

No need for controls or controls.
Just set your sight on what you want to modify.

HD resolution

High performance with the best resolution.

Set up your stay

Try multiple combinations such as: floors, walls, decorations... combine as you want!

VR experience

Put your phone inside the VR goggles you want and enjoy a real 360º experience.

Virtual Reality

Move from one room to another.


Download Click & Render for IOs (iPhone & iPad) and Android

The tool

Meet Click & Render

Click & Render is a tool that consists of a texture configurator in 360º spaces. It can be developed in app version or in app format WEB . The great virtue of this tool is that it can be applied to different products and markets.


Discover Click & Render


Download Click & Render

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