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Logistic HSSE Solutions

Best Software Solutions and 3D Solutions suite for your facilities. Maximise your security and efficiency with a leading logistics software development company.

Improve your facility's security with our

Induction HSSE App

Companies trusting our solutions
APM Terminals

New Jersey, USA

APM Terminals Port Elizabeth

"Thanks to our friends at Estudio Cactus, APM Terminals Elizabeth can not only help our trucking partners learn their way around the terminal (which is a great tool for new drivers) but we can still offer tours of our recently upgraded terminal, virtually and safely, to anyone!"

Giovanni Antonuccio General Manager
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Induction Video & Test

Quick induction process

No more in person inductions, just let your users download the App, or access the Web App before accessing your facility and get the induction done digitally. Have better and safer control over all the inductions of your visitors and change the questions/answers of the test everytime you need.

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3D Map

Interactive 3D Map with annotations

Thanks to the 3D map, people will understand better the workflow of your facilities and all the daily activities that coexist in it. From the app or a URL, users can see in detail all the areas of your facilities in a friendly, technological and accessible way.

Open 3D Map demo

User Geolocation

Prevent fatal errors

With the tracking of the app users within the terminal, the HSSE department will be able to be aware at all times of the possible risks.

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Incident Reporting

Manage and give feedback to all incidents

Through the software, users will be able to report the different incidents that may occur to them as well as attach photographs of it. At the same time, the HSSE department of the company will be able to chat in real time with users to give them support and comment on the steps to follow.

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Prevent the risk of infection in your facility

It is essential to be aware of certain health aspects to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Users will answer certain questions through the app to ensure as far as possible the health of all the people who live in your facilities.

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Penalty System

Apply penalties to users

The HSSE department will be able to sanction through the administration panel those users who violate the safety regulations of the facilities. As the workflow of each company is different, we adapt to the existing sanction system or advise on the creation of a new one.

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Admin Dashboard

Easy intuitive Admin Panel

From the administration panel the HSSE department will be able to manage all the aspects described above. In addition, all statistics and data are in real time, allowing to measure, control, and therefore improve all the actions that help have safer facilities.

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Gothenburg, Sweden

APM Terminals Gotehmburg

"We are pleased to have introduced Visitor HSSE in Gothenburg. We believe that it will greatly help making the terminal safer for our people, customers and visitors with easy access to necessary information."

Nasuh Gurkan HSSE Business Partner
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Automate process, improve security and reduce fatal errors

Castellón, Spain

APM Terminals Castellón

"With the help of Estudio Cactus we have adapted the App to be an easy and agile tool to use, which will ensure that all users are aware of the risks involved in a container terminal."

Andra Alecsandru HSSE Manager
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