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Visitor HSSE

APM Terminals launches this innovative app to be able to visualize and optimize the security inductions for all types of people who enter daily in the company's port facilities.

About the client

APM Terminals operates in a worldwide network dedicated to the supply chain, mainly within the logistics - port sector. They have more than 20,000 workers spread over the 76 port terminals they have around the world.


Port Logistics



The problem

Manual induction control

The project started in October 2017 in the Castellón Terminal. Everytime a person accessed the terminal, regardless of visit type, one of the APM employees had to do the security induction for this visitor. These safety inductions took around 15-20 minutes usually and it included performing a test on a sheet of paper. Additionally, all the test data had to be turned over by hand in an Excel file. Therefore, the entire induction process was inefficient and slow.

The solution

Mobile APP for Efficient management of safety inductions

After APM Terminals presented us the problem, we proposed to develop a mobile app that visitors can use to perform the security induction. An administration panel was developed in parallel to allow the HSSE department to measure, control and improve the entire security induction process. As an added value, APM Terminals uses the tool to communicate messages of interest and manage the sanctions system.

New Jersey, USA

APM Terminals Port Elizabeth

"Thanks to our friends at Estudio Cactus, APM Terminals Elizabeth can not only help our trucking partners learn their way around the terminal (which is a great tool for new drivers) but we can still offer tours of our recently upgraded terminal, virtually and safely, to anyone!"

Giovanni Antonuccio General Manager
APM Terminals
Maersk Statement

Automate process, improve security and reduce fatal errors

Gothenburg, Sweden

APM Terminals Gothenburg

"We are pleased to have introduced Visitor HSSE in Gothenburg. We believe that it will greatly help making the terminal safer for our people, customers and visitors with easy access to necessary information."

Nasuh Gurkan HSSE Business Partner
APM Terminals
Maersk Statement

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Castellón, Spain

APM Terminals Castellón

"With the help of Estudio Cactus we have adapted the App to be an easy and agile tool to use, which will ensure that all users are aware of the risks involved in a container terminal."

Andra Alecsandru HSSE Manager
APM Terminals
Maersk Statement
Estudio Cactus
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