News - 11/04/2023

Estudio Cactus among 9 companies set to improve the future of British freight

The government has awarded nine projects a total of £1.2 million through the Connected Places Catapult programme

Winning projects include the use of drones to make deliveries between remote Scottish islands and lightweight electrically assisted delivery vehicles to transport goods in cities. Solutions identified through the programme aim to reduce traffic and improve regional connectivity, as well as clean the air and create high skilled jobs through new ways of sending and receiving deliveries.


News - 16/02/2023

Florida International Terminal strengthens its security with Estudio Cactus

The Miami container terminal relies on the Castellón-based consulting firm.

Estudio Cactus operates in an international network of more than 15 countries with a strong presence in the United States, adapting more and more to the demand of each market by identifying the different business opportunities of the sectors in which it operates.

Awards - 26/05/2022

Estudio Cactus receives the XXI New Technologies Award 2022 from Onda Cero

Three young entrepeneurs have succeeded with their technology consultancy.

Three young entrepeneurs have succeded with their technology consultancy and export their port logistics software all over the world. Their software is already present in Europe, Africa and America.

News - 09/06/2022

Estudio Cactus reinforces the safety of port logistics facilites with technology

The technology consultancy, specialized in tailored software solutions collaborates with Maersk, APM Terminals and Hutchison Ports

Talking one on one with the terminals and the Port-Logistics industry, the technology consultancy specialized in tailored software solutions is already working with top-tier terminals such as Maersk, APM Terminals and Hutchison Ports

News - 01/05/2022

Estudio Cactus releases the new version of Visitor HSSE v3

Modular software that reinforces safety & security at APM Terminals' facilities

Estudio Cactus maintains it's strategy to continously improve current projects, adapting to the needs and challenges posed by their clients.

News - 16/11/2021

Estudio Cactus exports its port facilities and logistics management application to New York

The company will implement the last version of their software in New York

Estudio Cactus exports its logistic management software for port facilities to the United States. Specifically, the young company from Castellón has come to an agreement with Maersk, for whom they have already developed an application that was launched for their terminal at Castellón's port (APMT Castellón), to implement the last version of their software in one of the most important port facilities in New York.

News - 22/11/2021

REDIT holds an information day about intelligent specialization in Vila-real

The network of technological institutes organizes an innovative event in Vila-real

On tuesday, 23th of november, the mayor of the municipality, José Benlloch, will inaugurate an information event under the title: "Claus per a l'especialització intel·ligent dels territoris de la Comunitat Valenciana. Una aposta per la innovació." Industry specialists such as professionals from the technological institutes, agents and companies will participate on the event, where they will debate about the importance of innovation in the territory and its business fabric. It will take place at the Hotel Vila-real Palace.

News - 13/01/2021

Overlapp, the solution to visualize materials inside your room

An application that lets you personalize your space in real time

Estudio Cactus, a technological consultant specialized in the development of software solutions for the industrial sector, particularly the porcelain and marble sector, has developed Overlapp: an application that allows surface manufacturers to present their finishes on a real space virtually. Thanks to this, design and architecture professionals have the opportunity to see a realistic picture of how a space would be configured

News - 19/11/2020

"The time has come" -Pablo Aguirre, Estudio Cactus' CEO

The young entrepeneur speaks about the current state of the ceramics sector

The ceramics sector is a centennial ecosystem, that has evolved according to the trends in design and the utility society has given it, however some aspects of it have evolved rather slowly. One of those aspects is the way we innovate how to manage different areas inside a company through technology, and it's not just that, the way we showcase and sell the product has gotten stagnant as well.

Awards - 30/07/2020

COPE Castellón's X awards honour the labour of the heroes during Covid-19

The gala was held at the Real Casino Antiguo of Castellón, following all the safety protocols

The awards that honour the accomplishments of particulars, entities or companies across 19 different categories, were given out this wednesday at the Salón Central of the Real Casino Antiguo de Castelló.

News - 23/04/2020

Estudio Cactus: The startup that makes apps for Maersk and Porcelanosa

Developing software solutions for the ceramics and logistics sectors

From the very heart of Castellón's center, a young company is making a name for itself in the international logistics and transport scene. Jorge Juan, José Gutierro and Pablo Aguirre, the three associates from Estudio Cactus, have just returned from Gothenburg, where they visited the port terminal for containers of APMT, the subsidiary for the stevedoring of the most powerful shipping company in the world: Maersk

News - 28/05/2018

Combining 3D with digital platform development is what sets us apart from our competence

A very unique approach to software development admist times of economical crisis

"The crisis sharpens inventiveness" is something that the four young entrepeneurs leading Estudio Cactus have set out to prove just one year ago. It was then, when Pablo Aguirre, commercial director and journalist and Jorge Juan (3D director), decided to go their own way. Together, they proposed their idea to José Gutierro (technical director) and the designer David Querol, the owners of Estudio Cactus, and that's how it was born. A succesful approach, combining 3D with digital platform design to "conquer" the ceramics sector, a sector that's betting on digital technology.

News - 11/03/2018

Estudio Cactus Media grows and makes its way to the international scene

After several projects for big Spanish companies, they've gone international

Estudio Cactus Media is a company dedicated to design, focusing on web pages, applications and 3D graphics. They are located in Castellón and they are growing on the international scene. After their renowned works for leading companies in the ceramics sector like Porcelanosa, Grespania, Íbero, Dune or Equipe and others in various sectors like APM Terminals (one of the terminals in the port of Castellón), Nayar Sistems or Villareal FC (for whom they developed the official application), they have managed to secure a contract with the californian company Softline Home Fashions Inc., for whom they're designing and developing a new web page, as well as 3D projects.

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