Overlapp, the solution to visualize materials inside your room

An application that lets you personalize your space in real time

News - 13/01/2021

Estudio Cactus, a technological consultant specialized in the development of software solutions for the industrial sector, particularly the porcelain and marble sector, has developed Overlapp: an application that allows surface manufacturers to present their finishes on a real space virtually. Thanks to this, design and architecture professionals have the opportunity to see a realistic picture of how a space would be configured

Far from just allowing you to visualize how a certain material will look in a real space, Overlapp allows companies to see, in real time, which professional sectors are interacting wtih their products.

The project aims to become the biggest and most active community of interior designers, decorators and architects interacting with materials from manufacturers of different sectors.

Thus it encompasses all individuals, not just professionals from the interior design, decoration and architecture sector in the country with companies in sectors such as the porcelain and marble sectors.

How it works

Taking or uploading a picture of its own room, the client will be able to visualize how a specific material from one of the providers in the community would look applied on it. There's a variety of settings for the user to make the visualization much more realistic, like the perspective, zoom or brightness.

In just a few minutes, it's possible to see how a project would look, without depending on traditional design software. At the same time, providers will receive data from the user activity and usage of their materials on the application.

This application allows users to attend their clients and manage their petitions in a quick and efficient fashion, sending a quote together with a realistic visualization of the end product.

Pablo Aguirre, CEO of the company explains that "nowadays, due to the Covid mobility restrictions, companies are being forced to digitalize in order to show their product to clients remotely".

"Overlapp provides them not just with a commercial tool that basically works in an autonomous way for them, but also a way to showcase their product remotely that permits users to interact with it."

Current firms

Companies like Porcelanosa, Neolith and Mármoles Sol have joined the Overlapp community, whose goal is to streghten the bond between the commercial relations on the interior design, decoration and architecture sectors and material providers, with the added value of technology and innovation.

Pablo points out that for now "the project's scope is national, though expanding and reaching further in the future is always an option, as long as supply and demand can create that "virtous circle of users" this project generates".

Overlapp's promo video

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