Estudio Cactus reinforces the safety of port logistics facilites with technology

The technology consultancy, specialized in tailored software solutions collaborates with Maersk, APM Terminals and Hutchison Ports

News - 09/06/2022

With the goal of helping the Port Logistics sector improve their facilities' safety and security, Estudio Cactus develops tailored software solutions.

Talking one on one with the terminals and the Port-Logistics industry, the technology consultancy specialized in tailored software solutions is already working with top-tier terminals such as Maersk, APM Terminals and Hutchison Ports

Their goal is "to guide companies on their digitalization, improving their competitiveness and efficiently transforming their departments through technology", explains Pablo Aguirre, CEO and COO of Estudio Cactus.

This year, the company from Castellón has turned 6 years old and has establised itself as a trustworthy technological partner, helping multinationals with their digitalization. Cactus operates in an international network of more than 15 countries, with a strong presence in the United States, adapting more and more to the demands of each market and identifying the different business opportunities in the sectors in which it operates.

Just as Aguirre points out, in the last years the company specialized on developing safety and security software for the Port-Logistics sector (though it's not the only one), "We work with companies from the sector such as Maersk, APM Terminals or Hutchison Ports and our main competitive advantage is combining our 3D design experience with tailored software development, making the company much more appealing to our clients", underlines the CEO.

Aguirre: "What we want is to create powerful software, reinforce the safety and security of the port facilities and secure the supply chain through technology

Specifically, Estudio Cactus' HSSE Software reinforces the safety and security of the assets of companies that can choose between different modules, "creating software tailored to the needs of the company, under its corporate identity", Aguirre points out.


Estudio Cactus is a technology partner, not just a technology provider. That is how the current CEOs and founders: Pablo Aguirre, Jose Gutierro and Jorge Juan explain it. "Our belief in solving our client's problems is what sets us apart. Attention to detail and the combination of ad hoc software with 3D is hard to come across in the industry. We're a travel companion in the growth and consolidation of companies. We value our clients' success just as much as ours", the CEO asserts.

The available modules are: Safety Induction, 3D Map of the facility, Visits Management, Geolocation of Users, Visitors Suspension System.

Learning and growing

"We started with the Safety Induction module on APM Terminals Castellón and we've been slowly improving and adding features as we learn more about the world of transportation by talking and working with our clients", says the CEO. Since 2017 and up until now, the APP that was initially developed to cover the needs of APMT Castellón has been implemented in some of the facilities of the company in Spain (Valencia, Barcelona and Gijón) as well as internationally (APMT Gothenbug and APMT Port Elizabeth) and for other groups like Hutchison Ports, Florida International Terminal or BEST, because in the end, the safety and security issues experienced by these terminals "are the same and the APP has grown", Aguirre acknowledges. The APP is fully scalable and tends to the needs of each company "what we want to create is powerful software, reinforce safety and security of the Port-Logistics facilities and secure the supply chain through technology".

When it comes to security "there is no competition between companies, actually having those measures in place improves the company's reputation".

Moreover, this tool improves the quality of the service and eases the workers labor, as they don't spend extra time on their arrival at the port.

Also, this technology is not just for the port sector, it can be implemented on any logistics node that requires security control. Container depots, railway terminals, air facilities, logistic activity zones, dry terminals... all of them can count on this software as a security management tool.

"The technological ecosystem can help the Port-Logistics sector and industrial sector innovate and secure the supply chain, people, ships... if we don't invest in it we will be obsolete and logistics and transport are a strategic sector for citizens", one of the CEOs of Estudio Cactus concludes.

Ports 4.0

Estudio Cactus participated on the first call of Ports 4.0 by Puertos del Estado, which sought solutions to innovate and digitalize the different strategic procedures of the Port-Logistics sector. Their proposal "Safethree: safety and security software", was selected.

"We presented it as a commercial project because we had already finished development and, we were selected. Now, we're going to develop a pilot project for the Port Authority of Castellón, which has been our facilitator. In 5 months, it will be implemented and the commercial advantages of integrating it can be evaluated" Pablo Aguirre, CEO and COO of Estudio Cactus, explains.

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