"The time has come" -Pablo Aguirre, Estudio Cactus' CEO

The young entrepeneur speaks about the current state of the ceramics sector

News - 19/11/2020

The ceramics sector is a centennial ecosystem, that has evolved according to the trends in design and the utility society has given it, however some aspects of it have evolved rather slowly. One of those aspects is the way we innovate how to manage different areas inside a company through technology, and it's not just that, the way we showcase and sell the product has gotten stagnant as well.

Sadly, due to the pandemic, we're living through one of the hardest times we could image, but even then, good things come out of bad times.

We went from a normal life (or what society deemed normal) to being cooped up inside our houses. No more showrooms, exhbitions, fairs, or trips, we lost the ability of letting the client touch and feel that tile that could get it to buy hundreds of square meters of our ceramics.

So what are we supposed to do now? How do we sell? How do we show the product to our clients at home? Every single day, managers, directors and the owners of factories ask themselves this question. Most likely, every staff member does, and even more likely, a member of the marketing department has thought: "this tool would help us", "if we used this application we could hold virtual fairs", today, this becomes a reality.

Digitalization is not an option anymore, it's a must.

Due to the current global situation, digitalization has stopped being an option. Marketing and commercial departments are working harder than ever solving a latent problem: how to adapt the commercial strategy to this new world we live in.

This is a highly competitive sector. Nowadays, what we're seeing is how companies invest more and more on innovation and technology when it comes to showcasing and selling their products remotely. The paradigm has shifted, now it's not just about what company makes the better product or design, but also keeping the sales up throughout the pandemic.

Sales, in any business and sector are the most important, and lest we forget, technology helps us not only sales but also productivity, this is tried and true. Perhaps the pandemics brought something valuable to the ceramics sector: seeing technology has an ally.

Pablo Aguirre

CEO, Estudio Cactus

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