Ceramic Tile

We offer a series of 3D solutions to better display and sell ceramic tile. We've been years inside the industry understanding the product, which makes us a trustworthy partner.

Show your product in a fast and

innovative way

CGI Images

Adapt with 3D

We create CGI images for each client to display their product in an environment especially designed for it. In addition, each image is unique and exclusive, adapting different interior design strategies to the client's guidelines.These images can be static or 360º, depending on the commercial strategy that the company decides to adopt to show the product.

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3D Video

The elegant way

It is becoming common practice for companies in the natural stone sector to rely on 3D animations to show the details of the product, such as the finish, the grain, etc.

Take advantage of technology to present the product from home

Virtual Tour

Dive into the digital experience

At Estudio Cactus we believe that 360º experiences allow your clients to obtain information about the piece in a much more innovative way. In addition, all this can be transfered from one space to another to be able to acclimate that product with the company's business line

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Combine instantaneously

Visualizers are a tool that allows you to display different finishes in predefined rooms. As an added value, we offer both the static and 360º versions, being pioneers in this variant, with the competitive advantage of having an internal development team.

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