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Modular software that reinforces the safety and security of APM Terminals facilities, reducing the risk of their assets and helping everyone return home safe and sound.

About the client

APM Terminals operates in a worldwide network dedicated to the supply chain, mainly within the logistics - port sector. They have more than 20,000 workers spread over the 76 port terminals they have around the world.


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New Jersey, USA

APM Terminals Port Elizabeth

"Thanks to our friends at Estudio Cactus, APM Terminals Elizabeth can not only help our trucking partners learn their way around the terminal (which is a great tool for new drivers) but we can still offer tours of our recently upgraded terminal, virtually and safely, to anyone!"

Giovanni Antonuccio General Manager
APM Terminals
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History and timeline

  • Launch 2017

    APM Terminals Castellón conveys to us the problem that they invest excessive time in carrying out security inductions in person. It was then that at Estudio Cactus we proposed the possibility of digitizing this entire process, creating an App where all types of visitors could carry out the safety induction from their smartphones and a Dashboard where the HSSE department could see all the statistics of the inductions.

  • Growth 2018

    After the success of the project in the Castellón terminal, the Barcelona, Valencia and Gijón terminals also joined the project, which shared the same problem. We also took advantage of the launch of the new version of the App that included a new module to register visits through the application, which provided more information in the traceability of visitors to improve security.

  • International expansion 2019

    The first terminals outside of Spain that trusted our solution to reinforce their security induction system were Gothenburg (Sweden) and Vado Gateway (Italy), expanding our experience and knowledge in the field of security and protection of port facilities.

  • America 2020

    The project is taking shape and arouses interest in APM Port Elizabeth, who finally opt for our project to offer their carriers a more innovative and comfortable way to carry out safety inductions.

  • 3D Map 2021

    With the experience of visiting different port facilities, we realized that they were difficult to understand simply by having a PDF layout of the terminal. It was then with the aim of having a more understandable and friendly terminal for the entire port community, when at Estudio Cactus we proposed making the installations in 3D so that everyone could understan them and better reference them. Port Elizabeth pioneered the project with this solution.

  • The new version of the project 2022

    Finally, after 5 years of continuous improvement, we have just launched the latest version of the project, which includes the innovative technology of geopositioning, so that the HSSE department of the terminal knows at all times where the users of the software are as well as a restyling complete set of all software. In addition, APM Pier 400 in Los Angeles will be the second American terminal to join the project.







We know how important it is for A.P. Moller-Maersk to take care of all the people who live daily in its terminals and business operations.

Pablo Aguirre

CEO & COO Estudio Cactus

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