Neolith AR & VR

With Neolith AR and Neolith VR discover and combine the brand’s materials in a unique way.

About the client

Neolith is a worldwide company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of large format synthesized stone. It has a presence in strong international markets such as the United States and is recognized for collaborating with great television celebrities.


Construction materials



The problem

Show the product in the middle of a pandemic

Due to the current restrictions caused by Covid-19, companies have been forced to innovate in the way of presenting the product at home. Neolith contacted us to study different solutions on how to launch their new Sixt-S collection, as there are no trade shows and no commercials can travel as freely as before.

Solve your problems with technology

The solution

Augmented Reality

Neolith AR is the application that allows you to customize the rooms you want with Neolith materials, either with a photo in real time or with one from the device’s gallery. It combines different functionalities to give maximum realism to the scene. With the Perspective, Zoom and Brightness tools you will get scenes that will surprise you with their quality.

The solution

Virtual Reality

With Neolith VR you can discover the brand’s materials in a unique way. In a 360º environment you can combine its different finishes.

"In times of COVID, we were able to release our collection for our clients around the world."

"In times of Covid-19, thanks to Estudio Cactus technology, we were able to launch our collection in a fast, technological and intuitive way for our clients around the world. The digitalization project has two apps. Neolith VR is designed to display different materials in our 360º virtual stand, taking into account a special experience and engagement with our clients. On the other hand, Neolith AR allows you to display Neolith materials in the spaces you want."

Andreas Manero

Interim CMO

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