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We improve security and reduce costs for large logistics operators.

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Get your customers to interact with your products in a unique way

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APM Terminals
Visitor HSSE

How we improve the management and security of APM Terminals with our Visitor HSSE software

Andra Alecsandru
- HSSE Manager APMT Gijón & APMT Castellón
"With the help of Estudio Cactus, we have adapted the App to make it an easy and agile tool to use, which will ensure that all users who access our facilities and who have passed the security induction are aware of the risks involved in a terminal from containers. Visitor HSSE is a tool that allows users to know the characteristics and risks of a Terminal, in addition to providing the user with information in real time through notifications."
Porcelanosa Partners

"Thousands of notifications sent and intense activity, we have never had a single incident."

Juan Bautista Ramos
- Director Comercial Porcelanosa Grupo
"At Porcelanosa Partners we have been working hand in hand with Estudio Cactus for nearly 3 years. It is very gratifying to collaborate with brands and people who improve our proposals, always contributing great ideas. It should be noted that in all this time, with hundreds of users registered in the panel, thousands of notifications sent per day and intense day-to-day activity, we have never had a single incident."
Neolith AR & Neolith VR

"In times of COVID, we were able to release our collection for our clients around the world."

Andreas Manero
- Interim CMO
"In times of Covid-19, thanks to Estudio Cactus technology, we were able to launch our collection in a fast, technological and intuitive way for our clients around the world. The digitalization project has two apps. Neolith VR is designed to display different materials in our 360º virtual stand, taking into account a special experience and engagement with our clients. On the other hand, Neolith AR allows you to display Neolith materials in the spaces you want."
RAK Ceramics

RAK Ceramics, a multinational based in Emirates, was a pioneer thanks to our VR technology

Hundreds of references are displayed in a pioneering tool that allows interaction with them in 360º spaces. The development of the Rak Ceramics VR app has allowed one of the most powerful global producers in the ceramic sector to reflect its digitalization strategy with an innovative tool. In it, you will tour a luxurious single-family home configuring the textures to your liking, in addition to being able to see how the different bathroom furniture, such as sinks, countertops, toilets, etc.
The most flexible Safety Software Solutions
  • Reduction of incidents in the supply chain
  • Economic savings.
  • Image improvement and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Management savings in the control of safety inductions.
  • Low investment compared to the benefits it offers you.
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