Estudio Cactus releases the new version of Visitor HSSE v3

Modular software that reinforces safety & security at APM Terminals' facilities

News - 01/05/2022

Estudio Cactus maintains it's strategy to continously improve current projects, adapting to the needs and challenges posed by their clients.

Visitor HSSE is the software developed for APM Terminals that improves the safety and protection of their facilities, digitalizing security inductions and reinforcing entrance control amongst other factors.

What are the new features?

The most important thing to note is that the software's design has moved to a modular approach, in order to cater to the unique needs of each facility. The modules are:

  • Safety Induction
  • Visits Management
  • 3D Map
  • User Geolocation
  • Sanction System

The new versions' features includes several functionalities born from concerns inside of APM Terminals' HSSE departments:

A 3D Map of the terminal to make the facility friendlier and more understandable for the entire port community.

Through the mobile application, the software geolocates users inside of the facility for a better control of the people inside the terminal to exist.

Additionally, visitors will be able to view their position in real time at any given time through their mobile devices.

Which terminals are equipped with the software

At the moment, the project is present in four countries, contributing to making the port environment safer and more protected for over 20.000 users.

The latest version is operational in:

  • APMT Castellón
  • APMT Valencia
  • APMT Barcelona
  • APMT Gijón
  • APMT Gotemburgo
  • APMT Port Elizabeth

In the near future, the following terminals will also implement it:

  • Vado Gateway
  • APMT Pier 400
  • APMT Mobile

The project's goal is to continue solidifying itself as a reference technological solution in the field of safety & security within APM Terminals.

Want to know the details?

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